Muuti is a range of healthy smoothies and juices that have been especially designed for kids. Muuti is an organic happy snack that is additive-free, lactose and gluten-free, and contains no added sugar.

Charles Kuhlman founded the Muuti brand in 2015 because he was exasperated by not being able to find healthy juices for his baby. As a health conscious parent Charles made fresh fruit smoothies for his son at home, but he knew that not everyone might have time to do that and he imagined that other parents shared his frustration at the lack of kids juices on the market that did not contain additives or added sugar.

So, Charles developed the Muuti drink pouches – they are the ideal delicious and tasty snack that kids can enjoy at home, at school, in the car and on the go!

Why the name Muuti? Because it’s how Charles’ 11-month-old son Maximus used to ask for a smoothie!




And, we’re launching more smoothies and power beverages this Autumn!


Muuti-Land is a fantasy forest; it’s a combination of a tropical jungle and a Nordic forest where the Muuti animals live side by side in harmony.

The Muuti animals have mixed together their favourite flavours that they want to share with kids and each animal has created their own special recipe!

Muuti Koala


The friendly Koala climbs the trees of Muuti-Land feasting on the delicious fruits nobody else can reach! Koala Muuti is a scrumptious snack of mango and apple – organic of course.
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Muuti Monkey


The crazy Monkey loves fun and playing pranks! Monkey’s forest adventure mixes organic bananas and blueberries because they make Monkey feel healthy and happy.

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Muuti Fox


The clever and ever so cool fox is also very wise! The Fox Muuti is a deliciously healthy combo of carrots, apples and bananas. All organic of course!

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Muuti Elephant


The shy and gentle Elephant loves the organic raspberries and pears that grow deep in the forest. They’re the forest’s scrummy-yummy secret!

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Muuti Lion


The strong and fearless Lion proudly watches over the Muuti-Land residents! The Lion loves a mixture of organic banana, mango, peach and rice protein – it gives him energy and makes him roar with happiness.

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